Saturday, February 20, 2010

S'cuse me, I need to get to my seat!

Vancouver Canucks tickets are like paper gold. Once you get that ticket, boy, do you hold onto that for dear life. And it is true to say that us Vancouverites know our hockey, and we're proud of it. Whether we see it infront of our tv screens, or at "The Garage" (as Vancouverites affectionatly call it) GM Place (normal name) or Canada Hockey Place (what it is called during the 2010 Winter Olympics, we all tune in and support our boys out on the ice. It's our sport folks, and will always be.

So, how is it different from watching an Olympic game vs a Canucks game? First off, you can see by the number of emtpy seats. For a game that is NOT Canada vs US, there are many groups of empty seats interspersed throughout the stadium. Completely unheard of at a 'Nucks game. If you have a ticket, you're there. Or your friend begged you to let them have yours.

A la jeu hommes entre Lattonie et Republic Tcheque, il y a beaucoup de sieges vides. Quand le jeu a commence, et pendant les periods, il y a des sieges vides. Mais les personnes avait beaucoup de soutien. Jagr etait un vedette! Beacoup de personnes a soutiens la Republic Tcheque.

The main difference is also the fan crowd. People at first started cheering Czech Republic, probably since Jagr was the only one people knew from both teams. But after their 4 goals in the first period, people started cheering for Latvia. They tend to cheer for the underdog, which in the end worked, because Latvia came strong. Truthfully, I think the Czech goalie was falling asleep and he accidentally let the 2 goals in. After the 2 goals he woke up and got his act together. Overall, Czech seemed like the stronger team.

The fans were also quite different. It was quite obvious that not all people were die-hard hockey fans. Most people got tickets just because they wanted to experience an Olympic event. What really was amazing was the lack of etiquette during the game. People kept going in and out of their seats. Common courtesy, as all us Vancouverites know, is to wait for the play to stop before leaving/exiting your seat. This is understandable, since many are foreigners and there could be different rules in other countries. I interviewed a spectator, Doug, and he was also commented on hockey etiquette: "I think because these guys don't go to regular hockey games, they don't know that they should wait until a play is over before they enter again."

D'accord, c'est tres tard, et je dois lever tres tot. Au revoir!

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  1. I loved how Canada was cheering for Latvia, they must have been happy. What a nice country! haha