Saturday, February 20, 2010

Canada's Skater Boy: Patrick Chan

Boy next door, from Toronto, Ontario, competing in men's singles figure skating. Tall, dark, killer smile. Only 19 year old Patrick Chan could fit this profile. At merely 19 years of age, he is already 2010 Canadian Men's Champion, 2009 ISU World Men's Silver Medalist and 2009 Four Continents Champion. Today myself, fellow Students Live Reporters Adeleine Estrada and Richelle Zheng sat down to talk with this talented young man.

I went to Macdonalds near Science World in Vancouver to meet Patrick. The coordinator though we were there just to meet him, but little did they know we were media! As soon as I sat down, I felt such a rush of excitement! I've seen Patrick countless times on TV, watched many interviews, and loved his McDonalds commercials. My favourite one is: Excuse me, Mr Chan, may I have your autograph please? So in the beginning I was all fan girl, and did the usual "Omg Im such a big fan I love what you do!!" But soon the composed, reporter side of me kicked in for the interview. I found I was able to turn fangirl off quickly and go into professional mode. Patrick is very detailed with his answers, and very sincere. I felt very engaged and he talks very clearly and has interesting answers. I tried to ask different questions, ones that maybe big media channels like CTV or CBC would ask. What I liked about this interview was it was teens interview a teen. He always speaks in front of older people, and I think it was a nice change for him to talk to kids his own age. I never imagined myself in front of him. I realized he is just like everyone else! He is a well spoken young man and I am so glad we were able to interview him. See our interview at:

Oui, c'etait un bon jour. J'ai rencontre mon idol est j'ai appris beaucoup a propos d'un championne. Nous avons pris des photos et il a signe un photograph et mon magasin. Merci, Patrick, tu es tres superbe!

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  1. You are doing such a great job getting out and meeting people! That is how you do it - having confidence to just go and talk to anyone and hope for a great response :)
    Well done!