Monday, February 8, 2010

Didn't let me in the Media Centre???

How many days until the Olympics? Let me hear you say FOUR 4 4 4 4 4 !!!!

The Winter Olympics are coming, and nothing is going to stop them!

Yesterday, the 24 student reporters met down at the BCELC offices down at the Waterfront, heart of Vancouver, to do some last minute wrap up and information on the upcoming Games. We received their bus passes/accredation passes to allow them into the Robson Media Centre on Robson and Burrand. The Robson Media centre is very cool; we saw CTV, Global, CBS, Eurovision. Basically all unaccredited media

Aujord'hui, j'ai un rehearsal pour le IOC evenment. Je suis chanter O Canada en anglais et francais! Le gouvernor generale Michaelle Jean serait la. C'est a la theatre de Queen Elizabeth. C'est tres grand, ou Stergios et moi ont regarde le concert de Lady Gaga. Nous practiquons marcher sur le platfond. Nous devrons marcher tres vite, parce que nous sommes chanter avec un track que nous enregistrons la derniere jour. Un comment d'un chanteuse: "Je me sens que je suis courir! Mais c'est tres bizarre si j'ai couru traverser le platfond!"

Today, I went downtown to the Media Centre, but they wouldn't let me in! It was a horrible fiasco of trying to make dozens of phonecalls. In the end I didn't end up going inside. Hopefully I will get to make up for that day. I saw Sophie Lui from Global, and there is a huge CBC tent outside. Right across is the Robson Square ice rink. It's really nice; above is a dome that passers by can look down.

So, after the fiasco I went along Robson again (I never get bored of it) I saw some Bulgarian and Polish athletes.

Et, c'est tout! Regardez mes nouvelles videos a

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