Saturday, January 16, 2010

Students Live Video Blog Post

Regardez le nouvelle blog post de video!/Watch my new Students Live video blog post!
Ici/Take a look:

Friday, January 8, 2010

C'est semaine passe/Another week

Hello everyone! Wow, its been a long week, first week back at school. Hope everyone had a fabolous first week back. As the 2010 Olympics and Paralympics draw near, Im getting more and more excited! This past week Ive read articles, many of which, are not so great:

Full body scans:
It was annonced this week that YVR is doing random full body scans for everyone leaving and entering Canada. This can only see through your clothes but will prevent people from taking illegal or dangerous objects/substances onto the plane.

March 1 Busiest Day at the Airport:
March 1, the day after the Closing Ceremonies, will be the busiest day YVR has ever experienced. You must arrive at the airport many hours ahead of your flight time.

TransLink Warns of Long Waits During the Games:
Transit all over the city will be very busy during the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. Expect the bus, Canada Line and sea busses to be very busy, with waits up to a few hours

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Avant je dormirai.../Before I sleep...

Bonjour les amis! Avant je dormirai, j'ai quel qu'un a dis. Maintenant, j'ecrivai en francais et anglais. Ce sont nos deux langues officielles au Canada, et je pense que c'est tres important a etre bilingual. Je m'excuse a les francophones parce que je suis tres mal en francais! Cependant, j'essayerai tres fort, mais les "blogs" seront diffferent un peu. Bon soir tout le monde!
Hello everyone! Before I sleep, just a quick comment. Starting now I will be posting both in French and English. These are our two official languages in Canada, and I think it is extremely important to stress bilingualism, to show everyone what Canada is about. Now, I apologize in advance to all French speakers, since I am not fluent in French! However, I will try my hardest, so the posts might not be exactly the same. It'll be similar but probably said in simpler words in French. Night everyone!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year and First Blog Post

Hello Everyone!

First and foremost.. Happy New Year! I'm so excited for the upcoming year, especially for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Whistler!

So tune in daily, to check my blog posts about my being a student reporter for the Winter Olympics.

Im so sorry this is so late; it has been such a hectic Christmas break! And so sad, it's all ending tomorrow.

A little bit about me. Im a grade 12 student at Prince of Wales. Music is pretty much my life, and I can play the piano, bassoon, clarinet and saxophone. I am in the Vancouver District Honour Choir, and we are going to be singing at the opening of the Paralympics and at various free events downtown. My favourite books are Catcher in the Rye, The Harry Potter Series and Lord of the Flies. My favourite movies include Titanic, Mean Girls, Twilight, the Sound of Music and Grease. My favourite TV shows are Glee, As the World Turns, One Life to Live, Reba, American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance.

So, I am very looking forward to being a reporter! I am so excited for the world to come and see just what our beautiful city is about.