Saturday, February 20, 2010

Canada's Skater Boy: Patrick Chan

Boy next door, from Toronto, Ontario, competing in men's singles figure skating. Tall, dark, killer smile. Only 19 year old Patrick Chan could fit this profile. At merely 19 years of age, he is already 2010 Canadian Men's Champion, 2009 ISU World Men's Silver Medalist and 2009 Four Continents Champion. Today myself, fellow Students Live Reporters Adeleine Estrada and Richelle Zheng sat down to talk with this talented young man.

I went to Macdonalds near Science World in Vancouver to meet Patrick. The coordinator though we were there just to meet him, but little did they know we were media! As soon as I sat down, I felt such a rush of excitement! I've seen Patrick countless times on TV, watched many interviews, and loved his McDonalds commercials. My favourite one is: Excuse me, Mr Chan, may I have your autograph please? So in the beginning I was all fan girl, and did the usual "Omg Im such a big fan I love what you do!!" But soon the composed, reporter side of me kicked in for the interview. I found I was able to turn fangirl off quickly and go into professional mode. Patrick is very detailed with his answers, and very sincere. I felt very engaged and he talks very clearly and has interesting answers. I tried to ask different questions, ones that maybe big media channels like CTV or CBC would ask. What I liked about this interview was it was teens interview a teen. He always speaks in front of older people, and I think it was a nice change for him to talk to kids his own age. I never imagined myself in front of him. I realized he is just like everyone else! He is a well spoken young man and I am so glad we were able to interview him. See our interview at:

Oui, c'etait un bon jour. J'ai rencontre mon idol est j'ai appris beaucoup a propos d'un championne. Nous avons pris des photos et il a signe un photograph et mon magasin. Merci, Patrick, tu es tres superbe!

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S'cuse me, I need to get to my seat!

Vancouver Canucks tickets are like paper gold. Once you get that ticket, boy, do you hold onto that for dear life. And it is true to say that us Vancouverites know our hockey, and we're proud of it. Whether we see it infront of our tv screens, or at "The Garage" (as Vancouverites affectionatly call it) GM Place (normal name) or Canada Hockey Place (what it is called during the 2010 Winter Olympics, we all tune in and support our boys out on the ice. It's our sport folks, and will always be.

So, how is it different from watching an Olympic game vs a Canucks game? First off, you can see by the number of emtpy seats. For a game that is NOT Canada vs US, there are many groups of empty seats interspersed throughout the stadium. Completely unheard of at a 'Nucks game. If you have a ticket, you're there. Or your friend begged you to let them have yours.

A la jeu hommes entre Lattonie et Republic Tcheque, il y a beaucoup de sieges vides. Quand le jeu a commence, et pendant les periods, il y a des sieges vides. Mais les personnes avait beaucoup de soutien. Jagr etait un vedette! Beacoup de personnes a soutiens la Republic Tcheque.

The main difference is also the fan crowd. People at first started cheering Czech Republic, probably since Jagr was the only one people knew from both teams. But after their 4 goals in the first period, people started cheering for Latvia. They tend to cheer for the underdog, which in the end worked, because Latvia came strong. Truthfully, I think the Czech goalie was falling asleep and he accidentally let the 2 goals in. After the 2 goals he woke up and got his act together. Overall, Czech seemed like the stronger team.

The fans were also quite different. It was quite obvious that not all people were die-hard hockey fans. Most people got tickets just because they wanted to experience an Olympic event. What really was amazing was the lack of etiquette during the game. People kept going in and out of their seats. Common courtesy, as all us Vancouverites know, is to wait for the play to stop before leaving/exiting your seat. This is understandable, since many are foreigners and there could be different rules in other countries. I interviewed a spectator, Doug, and he was also commented on hockey etiquette: "I think because these guys don't go to regular hockey games, they don't know that they should wait until a play is over before they enter again."

D'accord, c'est tres tard, et je dois lever tres tot. Au revoir!

Friday, February 19, 2010


Hey guys,

So I literally just stepped in the door.. this will be a short post today, since my hands have not yet unfrozen and Im extremely tired. But here is my post, as promised max 3 hours after the event

Le ceremonie du vaincouers, c'est la jour de l'ile du Prince Eduoard. C'est magnifique. Au debut, il y avait un groupe de qui danse, chante et joue les instruments. Est ils ont raconte le histoire du Anne of Green Gables. J'ai pense que c'etait comme l'emission de tele Glee, avec le nombres de musique et danse. Et Marianne St Gelais a gagne l'argent pour le patinage vitesse. Et c'etait son anniversaire aussi! Quel bon cadeau! Et Christine Nesbitt a gagne l'OR pour le patinage vitesse aussi! C'est un grand jour pour Canada! Je me sens tres fiere quand le drapeau du Canada etait lever. J'ai chante O Canada avec beaucoup de pride, et je me sens tres fier. Canada a 7 medaille maintenant.

After the concert, Hedley, my favourite band, performed a set of about an hour. They sang songs including "Old School" "Dont talk to strangers". It was amazing. Jacob is such a great peroformer and ive supported him since his Canadian Idol days.

Afterwards, the victory ceremony finished at 9, we rushed over to Live City Yaletown to catch the Marianas Trench concert. We made it! I cant believe I saw my two favourite bands in 1 day. Marianas trench is amazing live, and we also lined up for free coke bottles. Josh Ramsay is hilarious and has a great personality. The energy was so alive and no one pushed or shoved. Everyone was so excited and singing along. I think it was an improvment from the last show, which I believe 20 people were injured. This one was great and I loved standing there on the floor with fellow Vancouverites as well as foreigners. The body heat was good too. As soon as I left Live City and people started to disperse, it got considerably colder! My two fav bands, both from Vancouver. Man, we're just raking in the talent. Something extra to be proud about. And it was great to see Josh Ramsay cause I met him in person! The entire time I thought, yah well I met him! If you haven't seen my interview, head over to for the exclusive interview!

Apres, j'ai vu le feu d'artifice. Il etait spectacle et tres belle. Il y a beaucoup de couleurs, et il a illume le ciel noir. Le chanson "Waving flag" etait jouer. C'est un bon fin de la nuit

Ok guys, I think Im delirious.. so tired.. so I must sleep.. hopefully this post will grant me the media centre spot on one of those prize days! haha

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hello, Bonjour to all!

Well, we're at day 6 folks. Time is flying! Each day I've been going downtown, just hanging around, and merely looking at what a great city we have. Just to think, a few months ago, I couldn't wait to get out of here to go to some university back east. I now see how foolish this thinking was. Who would want to leave the Best Place on Earth? Cause, we are true to our name. Im so proud of our city, and I feel so priviliged to have been born in Richmond and raised here. As I was watching the opening ceremonies, I was totally and fully engaged. I couldn't believe it was BC Place I was looking at! It was so beautiful and I can imagine other countries being jealous of us! I loved the opening, when they started of: 1929,___ country, 1988 Calgary, then when they got to 2010 Vancouver! The crowd went wild, and so did I. I'm not a sappy person, but I couldn't help but have a small swell in the eye. I don't think I've ever bursted with so much pride. Proud to be living here. Proud to be Canadian. Nikki Yanofsky was good. I didn't so much like the arrangment, but she is a phenominal singer and I love her song Believe. While watching the ceremonies, from the comfort of my leather couch, I was so amazed by the amount of work a lot of people have put into it. I have put on many events and performed a lot and I know how much work goes into things like this. And the whole world was watching us. Finally! We won't be known solely as "the place where the Twilight films are filmed." I loved when Betty Fox, Anne Murray, Bobby Orr, Gretzky, Rick Hansen held the flag/lit the torch. I don't think I'll ever in my lifetime see so many great Canadians standing in the same room ever again. It was mind blowing. I think with the Olympics, and especially after my trip to Ottawa with the Encounters With Canada program, I am more aware of being Canadian and know more about our history. Heck, I even have my renewal citizenship paper and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms hanging on my bedroom wall. You can't get any more Canadian than that.

Pendant le ceremonies ouvertes, ils ont le legende Quebecois! C'est la chaisse galerie! J'ai lu cette legende dans ma classe de francais. J'etais tres fiere que je savais le legende. Et il y a un homme qui chanter en Francais. Nikki Yanofsky a chante O Canada en Francais un peu aussi. Maintenant, il y a le controversy. Les personnes disaient que il n'y a pas beaucoup de francophone. Donc, dans le ceremonies fermes, VANOC aurait plus de francophone teneur. Et j'agree, je pense que il devrait beaucoup de teneur francophone. Francais est le deuxieme langue au Canada. C'est partie de notre pays. Je pense que les anglophones n'accepte pas les francophones. Les anglophones ne fait pas un effort a apprendre le langue et culture. Je pense que les anglophones devrait accepter la communite francophone beaucoup.

So tomorrow, I will be going to the medal ceremony, featuring Hedley! Post to come tomorrow

Monday, February 8, 2010

Didn't let me in the Media Centre???

How many days until the Olympics? Let me hear you say FOUR 4 4 4 4 4 !!!!

The Winter Olympics are coming, and nothing is going to stop them!

Yesterday, the 24 student reporters met down at the BCELC offices down at the Waterfront, heart of Vancouver, to do some last minute wrap up and information on the upcoming Games. We received their bus passes/accredation passes to allow them into the Robson Media Centre on Robson and Burrand. The Robson Media centre is very cool; we saw CTV, Global, CBS, Eurovision. Basically all unaccredited media

Aujord'hui, j'ai un rehearsal pour le IOC evenment. Je suis chanter O Canada en anglais et francais! Le gouvernor generale Michaelle Jean serait la. C'est a la theatre de Queen Elizabeth. C'est tres grand, ou Stergios et moi ont regarde le concert de Lady Gaga. Nous practiquons marcher sur le platfond. Nous devrons marcher tres vite, parce que nous sommes chanter avec un track que nous enregistrons la derniere jour. Un comment d'un chanteuse: "Je me sens que je suis courir! Mais c'est tres bizarre si j'ai couru traverser le platfond!"

Today, I went downtown to the Media Centre, but they wouldn't let me in! It was a horrible fiasco of trying to make dozens of phonecalls. In the end I didn't end up going inside. Hopefully I will get to make up for that day. I saw Sophie Lui from Global, and there is a huge CBC tent outside. Right across is the Robson Square ice rink. It's really nice; above is a dome that passers by can look down.

So, after the fiasco I went along Robson again (I never get bored of it) I saw some Bulgarian and Polish athletes.

Et, c'est tout! Regardez mes nouvelles videos a

Sunday, February 7, 2010