Friday, February 19, 2010


Hey guys,

So I literally just stepped in the door.. this will be a short post today, since my hands have not yet unfrozen and Im extremely tired. But here is my post, as promised max 3 hours after the event

Le ceremonie du vaincouers, c'est la jour de l'ile du Prince Eduoard. C'est magnifique. Au debut, il y avait un groupe de qui danse, chante et joue les instruments. Est ils ont raconte le histoire du Anne of Green Gables. J'ai pense que c'etait comme l'emission de tele Glee, avec le nombres de musique et danse. Et Marianne St Gelais a gagne l'argent pour le patinage vitesse. Et c'etait son anniversaire aussi! Quel bon cadeau! Et Christine Nesbitt a gagne l'OR pour le patinage vitesse aussi! C'est un grand jour pour Canada! Je me sens tres fiere quand le drapeau du Canada etait lever. J'ai chante O Canada avec beaucoup de pride, et je me sens tres fier. Canada a 7 medaille maintenant.

After the concert, Hedley, my favourite band, performed a set of about an hour. They sang songs including "Old School" "Dont talk to strangers". It was amazing. Jacob is such a great peroformer and ive supported him since his Canadian Idol days.

Afterwards, the victory ceremony finished at 9, we rushed over to Live City Yaletown to catch the Marianas Trench concert. We made it! I cant believe I saw my two favourite bands in 1 day. Marianas trench is amazing live, and we also lined up for free coke bottles. Josh Ramsay is hilarious and has a great personality. The energy was so alive and no one pushed or shoved. Everyone was so excited and singing along. I think it was an improvment from the last show, which I believe 20 people were injured. This one was great and I loved standing there on the floor with fellow Vancouverites as well as foreigners. The body heat was good too. As soon as I left Live City and people started to disperse, it got considerably colder! My two fav bands, both from Vancouver. Man, we're just raking in the talent. Something extra to be proud about. And it was great to see Josh Ramsay cause I met him in person! The entire time I thought, yah well I met him! If you haven't seen my interview, head over to for the exclusive interview!

Apres, j'ai vu le feu d'artifice. Il etait spectacle et tres belle. Il y a beaucoup de couleurs, et il a illume le ciel noir. Le chanson "Waving flag" etait jouer. C'est un bon fin de la nuit

Ok guys, I think Im delirious.. so tired.. so I must sleep.. hopefully this post will grant me the media centre spot on one of those prize days! haha

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