Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sledge Baby!

Definitely not your ordinary hockey game.

At UBC Thunderbird Arena, team Korea took on Team Sweeden, to cheering full crowd of spectators, families of, and other Paralympians. Probably the most popular sport of the Paralympics, the game was intense and kept the crowd hopping.

Prior to this I didn't quite understand the logistics of how the game worked. The guys have two sticks, and are sitting on a type of cart, as they use the sticks to push themselves around, lifting one to pass and shoot. What I found really interesting is that they have to switch the stick around just to shoot. To move, they hold onto the hitting part of the stick to push themselves, but quickly slide it down and hold it regularly to score. How much training and coordination! I wonder if Crosby would be able stay upright on the ice if he tried sledge...

They go amazingly fast on the ice. Team Korea, especially Cho, was exceptionally fast and I thought was Team Korea's best player. There is a lot of teamwork involved, just like in hockey, and a lot of grit. Maybe even more.

Team Korea took the night, with a 2-1 win over Sweeden.

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